Stop the Reply All and get your Team Collaborating

Email conversations or email collaboration, its taking place in your organisation right now- 100% it is. No matter whether it is discussing a project or new client, one thing is for sure, there is a lot of CC'ing or Replying All happening all day, every day. With the onslaught of internal emails bei...

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Employee Password Policy

Overview: Secure passwords are an essential aspect of IT security. A simple or insecure password can lead to a breach of the company’s data. As such, all employees and contractors who have access to...

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Microsoft rolls out flashy Windows update

The Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 will begin rolling out soon, and unlike its predecessors, this one can be installed in under half an hour. It also comes with some noteworthy new features. Le...

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Top 6 new features for Microsoft Teams

Are you using Microsoft Teams to streamline communication between your employees? If you are, get ready to enjoy a more convenient workplace chat platform. Microsoft has recently announced six new features for Teams. Cortana Integration One new feature that Microsoft will bring to Teams is Cortana,...

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